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Condominium Unit Lease
ii. all increases in Common Charges, Common Expenses and Association dues allocated to
the Unit which are in excess of those charges as of the date this Lease is executed;
iii. any increase in the real estate taxes above the real estate taxes being levied for the tax
year in effect as of the date this Lease is executed.
Additional Rent is due and payable with the Monthly Rent for the next month
after Tenant receives notice from Landlord that Additional Rent is due and payable.
4. Condition of Unit
Tenant acknowledges that Tenant is accepting the Unit in its “as is” condition. Tenant
further acknowledges that Tenant has thoroughly inspected the Unit and has found the Unit to
be in good order and repair and that the appliances, if any, are in good operating condition.
Tenant further states that Tenant knows how to operate the appliances and shall do so in
accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Landlord is not responsible in any way for
errors contained in the condominium brochure or plans
5. Security
The Security Deposit is due upon the Tenant signing this Lease. The Security Deposit
shall not be used for the payment of Monthly Rent and/or Additional Rent unless agreed to, in
writing, by Landlord and Tenant. Within ten (10) days after Tenant surrenders possession of
the Unit at the expiration of the Lease Term, Landlord shall return the Security Deposit, less
any cost of repairs as authorized by this Lease, to Tenant at an address Tenant provides.
6. Services and Utilities
Tenant is responsible for paying all electric, gas, telephone and any other utilities
allocated to the Unit.
Landlord will also supply a refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, dishwasher, air
conditioning unit, clothes washer and clothes dryer (the “Appliances”). Any damage to the
Appliances which is caused by the willful and/or negligent acts of Tenant may be repaired by
Landlord, the cost of which shall be Additional Rent.
7. Furnishings
The Unit is being delivered (furnished) (unfurnished). If furnished, Landlord has given
an inventory of the furnishings which inventory has been signed by Tenant and Landlord.
Tenant acknowledges that said furnishings are in good condition and Tenant accepts same in
“as is” condition.
8. Repairs and Alterations
Tenant shall maintain all appliances, equipment, and other personal property (please see
check-in sheet) included under this Lease and, upon the surrender of the Unit on the
Termination Date, Tenant shall surrender same to Landlord in the same condition as received,
reasonable wear and tear excepted. Tenant shall make all repairs which become necessary
due to tenant’s acts and/or negligence. If Tenant does not make such repairs, Landlord may
do so, the cost of which shall be Additional Rent. In the event that Tenant defaults under the
terms of this Paragraph 8, Landlord may make necessary repairs or replacement, the cost of
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Condominium Unit Lease