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17. Landlord’s Consent
If, under the terms of this Lease, the consent of Landlord is required, such consent shall
not be unreasonably withheld.
18. Keys, Locks
Tenant shall give Landlord keys to all locks for the Unit. Tenant shall not change any
locks or add any locks to the Unit without obtaining Landlord’s consent, and if given, Tenant
shall provide keys to Landlord for these locks.
19. Signs
Tenant shall not place any signs on the Unit or upon the Building or in the Unit so as to be
seen from outside the Unit. Landlord shall have the right to place or cause to be placed on the
Unit and/or upon the Building, “For Rent” and/or “For Sale” signs.
20. Compliance with Authorities
Tenant shall, at its own cost and expense, comply promptly with all laws, rules,
ordinances and directions of governmental and/or municipal authorities, insurance carriers
and/or the Condominium Association and/or Board of Managers. Tenant shall give all notice
Tenant receives which are for Landlord.
21. Tenant’s Defaults, Landlord’s Remedies
a. Landlord must give Tenant notice of default (except for a default in the payment of
Monthly Rent and/or Additional Rent) and Tenant, upon receipt of such notice must cure the
default within the time stated hereinafter:
i. a default under Paragraphs 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 18, or 19 of this Lease, ten (10) days;
ii. a default under Paragraph 23 of this Lease, thirty (30) days.
b. In the event that Tenant fails to cure a default within the time stated therefore, Landlord
may terminate this Lease. In such event, Landlord shall give Tenant notice stating the date
upon which this Lease shall terminate, such date being not less than three (3) days after the
date of such notice at which time this Lease shall then terminate. Tenant shall be responsible
for Monthly Rent and Additional Rent as set forth in this Lease up to the date of termination.
c. If this Lease is terminated or Tenant vacates the Unit prior to the Termination Date,
Landlord may enter the Unit and remove Tenant and any person or property and/or commence
summary proceedings for eviction. The aforesaid actions are not the sole remedies of
d. If this Lease is cancelled or Landlord takes back the Unit
i. Monthly Rent and Additional Rent for the unexpired portion of the Lease Term
immediately becomes due and payable. In addition, any cost or repair expended by Landlord
shall be the obligation of Tenant and shall be deemed Additional Rent.
ii. Landlord may re-rent the Unit and anything in it for any term and at any rental and any
cost in connection therewith shall be borne by Tenant which may include, but is not limited to
the cost of repairs, decorations, preparation for renting, broker’s fees, advertising costs and
attorney’s fees. Any rent recovered by Landlord for the re-renting of the Unit shall reduce the
amount of money that Tenant owes to Landlord.
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