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Consignment Contract
The following pages contain a document that was originally created in the
Interview of Complete Legal Collection.
This document was created in the Interview in the proper format and with
the language necessary to ensure its validity when all of the required
information has been entered completely.
It should be understood that any changes made to the content, appearance,
or layout of the original document outside of the Interview have been
made at the risk of affecting the validity of the document.
Parsons Technology can not be responsible for the legal consequences of
changes you have made to this document. Furthermore, Parsons
Technology is not in a position to provide answers to questions regarding
any changes to this document. It is strongly recommended that you seek
the advice of a lawyer for information about the validity and the
consequences of the changes you have made to this document.
This Consignment Agreement (this "Agreement") is made effective as of __________________ between
_________________________, of _________________________, _________________________, ___
__________, and _________________________, of _________________________,
_________________________, ___ __________.
In the Agreement, the party who is granting the right to sell its merchandise will be referred to as
"_________________________", and the other party who is receiving the right to sell the merchandise will
be referred to as "_________________________".
The parties agree as follows:
I. RIGHT TO SELL. _________________________ owns _________________________
("_________________________"). In accordance with this Agreement, _________________________
grants _________________________ an exclusive right to sell the _________________________ during
the term of this Agreement. This right to sell only applies to the following described territory:
_________________________. _________________________ agrees to deliver to
_________________________, on consignment, the _________________________.
_________________________ agrees to devote its best efforts to the sale of the
_________________________. All sales prices and terms of sale shall be determined by
II. PROCEEDS OF SALES. _________________________ will pay to
_________________________ a portion of the sales proceeds which shall be calculated as follows:
_______________ percent of the proceeds from the sale of the _________________________. The
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Consignment Contract