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I. Project Description
A. For a price identified below, Contractor agrees to complete a new commercial or industrial building
(identified as the Project in this agreement) for Owner.
II. Contract Price
A. In addition to any other charges specified in this agreement, Owner agrees to pay Contractor
$________________ for completing the Work described as the Project.
III. Alternative Pricing Options
A. At the option of Owner, the following adjustments may be made to the Project:
1. Add $_______________ for
2. Subtract $________________ for
IV. Allowances
A. This Contract Price includes allowances for items to be selected later by Owner.
1. $_____________ for _______________________________________________________________.
Installation will be by Contractor at a cost included in the Contract Price
The allowance price covers the cost of:
2. $________________ for ____________________________________________________________.
Installation will be by others at a cost included in the allowance price
V. Payment Per Unit of Work
A. In addition to other charges specified in this agreement, Owner agrees to pay Contractor
$_____________ per____________ of _____________________________________________________.
1. If the actual quantity of _____________________________________
is more or less than _______,
the Contract Price will be increased or reduced by $_________________ per _____________________ of
________________________________________________________________ more or less than ______.
VI. Scheduled Start of Construction
A. Work under this agreement will begin within 1 Calendar Days after the following contingencies
have been met.
1. Complete Plans and Specifications have been approved and initialed by both Owner and Contractor.
2. Owner has obtained a construction loan or other financing acceptable to Contractor.
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