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5. Schedule
Schedule dated ____/____/____
Consisting of _______ sheet(s)
And further identified as _________________________________________________________________
IX. Ownership of Plans
A. All Plans, Drawings, Specifications and other documents prepared by or for Owner for use under
this agreement are the property of Owner and remain the property of Owner. Plans, Drawings and
Specifications, whether in paper or electronic form, prepared for use in construction under this agreement
shall not be modified or used on any other project without written consent of Owner. Contractor shall hold
harmless and Indemnify Owner from and against any and all Claims, actions, suits, costs, damages, losses,
expenses and attorney's fees arising out of use of the Project Plans, Drawings, or Specifications for any
purpose other than construction to be completed under this agreement. Contractor and Subcontractors are
granted a limited license to use and reproduce applicable portions of the Plans, Specifications and
Drawings as required for construction under this agreement. All copies made under this license shall bear a
notice showing Owner as copyright holder. All Plans, Drawings, Specifications and other documents
prepared for use in construction under this agreement are to be returned to Owner at completion of the
Work or termination of the contract. Contractor may retain one record set of the Plans, Drawings and
Specifications. All other sets shall be accounted for by Contractor and returned to Owner. Submittal or
distribution of Project Plans, Drawings or Specifications to meet Official Regulatory Requirements is not
to be construed as publication in derogation of the rights of Owner.
X. Plans on Site
A. Contractor will keep a full set of Project Plans available on-site to authorized personnel during the
period of construction.
XI. Documents Supplied to Contractor
A. Owner will furnish to Contractor at no cost:
1. A full set of Plans and Specifications for all trades in electronic format.
2. Contractor will distribute Contract Documents as required by Subcontractors.
XII. Scope of Work
A. Contractor shall supervise and direct the Work and accepts responsibility for construction means,
methods, techniques, sequences and procedures required to complete the Project in compliance with the
Contract Documents.
B. Contractor is responsible for coordination of the various trades and deliveries of equipment,
materials and supplies to minimize interference which could delay the Work or pose a hazard to life or
property. Contractor shall be responsible for allocation of tasks between trades and will be the final
authority on location and routing of equipment and storage of materials on the Job Site.
C. Contractor will ensure that Subcontractors, their agents, and employees adhere to these Contract
Documents. Contractor accepts responsibility for all Work performed under this contract, including Work
performed by employees of Subcontractors. Contractor will settle disputes among Subcontractors and
between Contractor and Subcontractors so that disagreements do not delay completion of the Work or
affect quality of the Work.
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