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D. Contractor shall make a best effort to adopt and implement policies and practices designed to
minimize Work stoppages, slowdowns, disputes or strikes. Except as may be specifically provided
elsewhere in this or a separate agreement, Contractor is not liable to Owner for damages suffered by
Owner as a result of Work stoppages, slowdowns, disputes or strikes. Contractor shall allocate labor tasks
among the various trades in accordance with local custom, rules, jurisdictional awards, regulations, and
decisions, regardless of any classification by the Contract Documents.
E. Contractor shall provide on the Job Site during the period of construction a temporary chemical
toilet or water closet which shall be serviced no less than weekly. Upon completion of the Project,
Contractor will remove temporary toilet facilities from the site.
F. Contractor shall provide temporary elevators and lifts as may be required by construction personnel,
including Subcontractors, Material Suppliers, Inspectors, and Representatives of Owner. Elevators and
lifts will comply with all federal, state and local Laws and ordinances in effect at the Job Site. Upon
completion of the Project, Contractor will dismantle and remove temporary elevators and lifts.
G. Contractor shall develop and present to Owner for approval (which shall not be withheld
unreasonably), a site logistics plan drawn to scale, showing proposed secure and fenced areas, locations
and types of temporary barricades, material storage and staging areas, property entrances used for
material deliveries, and special material or equipment storage Requirements. This plan will include a
description and proposed location for any temporary office, storage trailer, sanitary facilities, and parking
for construction personnel.
XIII. Submittals
A. Shop Drawings will indicate in detail all parts of the building components, Installation details, and
coordination with Work of other trades or other Contractors. Shop Drawings for structural steel, timbers
and pre-cast concrete will include engineering calculations, fabrication details and erection Drawings that
show physical characteristics, dimensions, shapes, inserts, attaching points and methods, and other
information required for manufacture, assembly and erection, in compliance with the Contract
B. Approval by Owner's Representative does not relieve Contractor of responsibility for compliance
with the Contract Documents except as follows: If a Submittal does not comply with Contract
Documents, Contractor will attach to the Submittal, prior to approval, a written request for variation
showing the change in Contract Price and Contract Time, if any, that will result from the variation. If
Owner's Representative approves a Submittal which includes a written request for a variation and which
requires a change in the Contract Price or Contract Time, Owner's Representative will issue a contract
Modification confirming the change. If Owner's Representative approves a Submittal with a written
request for a minor variation which does not require a change in the Contract Price or Contract Time, no
contract Modification is needed. A minor variation is anything which does not materially alter the quality
or performance of the Work. Approved variations are subject to all terms of this agreement and without
prejudice to any rights granted to Owner's Representative under a Surety Bond.
C. Contractor is entitled to expect that corrections to Submittals by Owner's Representative be clearly
noted and easily understood so that prompt resubmission is possible without further instructions from
Owner's Representative.
D. Owner's Representative will review Submittals and notify Contractor of approval or rejection
within _______ Calendar Days of receipt.
E. Owner's Representative will review Submittals of Contractor for conformance with Requirements
of the Contract Documents and will approve or take other appropriate action upon those Submittals.
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