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instructions from Owner or Owner's Representative did not comply with the Law.
D. If Law enacted after the Contract Date changes the Scope of Work under this agreement, Contractor
and Owner will execute a Change Order adjusting the Contract Price and Contract Time to accommodate
the change in the Scope of Work.
XIX. Survey
A. Owner will employ an engineer or licensed land surveyor to establish lines, points and levels
adequate to lay out alignment and elevations for the Project. Owner is responsible for accuracy of the
survey marks and other site information supplied to Contractor. Contractor shall promptly notify Owner
of any discrepancies found in survey markers or other site information supplied by Owner.
B. If Contractor suffers any loss or delay due to inaccuracy of the Job Site survey supplied by Owner,
Contractor shall be entitled to an adjustment in the Contract Price and Contract Time, including damages
for delay, shutdown and startup expense, lost profits and consequential damages.
C. Contractor shall maintain and preserve all survey monuments, markers, hubs and stakes on the Job
Site until authorized or required to remove them. If such marks are lost, moved or destroyed while still
needed to complete the Work, Contractor will have the marker reset by a licensed land surveyor or
engineer at no cost to Owner.
D. Owner will provide Contractor with all relevant site information available to Owner, such as
information about soil conditions, easements, utility lines (whether on or adjacent to the site), floodplain
maps, fault maps, and existing improvements. These are not Contract Documents and Owner makes no
warrant on the accuracy of information provided to Contractor under the terms of this paragraph.
XX. Layout
A. Contractor shall be responsible for alignment and elevation of the Work and will set grade stakes,
batter boards, and other working points, lines and elevations required to complete the Project as described
in the Contract Documents.
XXI. Permits and Fees
A. Contractor shall secure all permits, licenses and renewals required by government authority to
complete construction of the Project. If permits are required for Subcontracted Work, Subcontractors will
secure those permits. Owner shall assist Contractor in responding to requests for information from the
permit-issuing authority. Contractor shall provide Owner a copy of each permit, license and renewal
issued by government authority for the Project.
B. Owner will pay the building permit fee, Plan check fee, and charges levied by government for
testing, Inspection and Re-Inspection of the Project.
C. Except as provided elsewhere in this agreement, Owner will pay all fees and application charges
imposed by government authority, including, but not limited to, grading permit fees, drainage permit fees,
traffic control charges, thoroughfare charges, impact fees, special district fees, sewer fees, water fees,
planning fees, school fees, elevator permit fees, charges for temporary access or use of the public right of
way, and charges for document processing, hearings, and certifications. Owner will also pay all fees and
application charges imposed by any association of property owners having authority over the Job Site.
D. Except as provided elsewhere in this agreement, Owner will pay all application fees and connection
charges imposed by utility companies or government agencies for bringing service to the Job Site, and
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