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for connecting gas, water, electricity, phone, cable, sewer, and drainage lines.
E. Except as provided elsewhere in this agreement, Owner will secure all approvals for the Project that
are required by government authority, including planning, easements, remediation, environmental, and
zoning approvals.
XXII. Taxes
A. If any federal, state or local tax rate increases or if any new federal, state or local tax is imposed,
whether by Law, regulation, or interpretation, between the Contract Date and Substantial Completion, the
Contract Price shall be increased by the additional tax levied on Contractor, but only to the extent that the
change in rate or new tax could not have been reasonably foreseen on the Contract Date.
XXIII. Temporary Utilities
A. Contractor shall pay all costs associated with use of temporary utilities on the Job Site during
construction, including application fees, permits, engineering, and metered service for water, electric
power, heating and cooling. Temporary utility systems provided by Contractor shall be designed and
installed to protect the public and construction personnel and conform with applicable Laws and
B. Utility services shall be re-listed in the name of Owner on the Calendar Day following Substantial
Completion, and Owner shall pay for utility services after that date.
XXIV. Permanent Utilities
A. Owner shall secure and pay for Installation, connection, and modification of permanent electric,
water, phone, cable, sewer and gas service as required for the completed Project.
XXV. Job Cleanup
A. Contractor shall regularly remove from the Job Site and storage areas all surplus material, waste
and debris resulting from the Work. Construction debris shall be removed to a legal refuse collection site
with disposal or recycling fees paid by Contractor. At completion of the Work, Contractor shall, in
addition, remove from the Job Site all tools, equipment and scaffolding brought to the Job Site by
Contractor or Subcontractors. At Substantial Completion, exposed finishes of windows, doors, floors,
walls, ceilings, fixtures and trim shall be cleaned and free of grime, stains, over spray, dirt and dust.
B. Contractor shall provide a trash disposal facility on the Job Site for use by construction personnel.
The on-site trash facility provided by Contractor shall be of an appropriate size for the Project and placed
in a location approved by Owner. All construction debris shall either be placed in the trash facility
provided by Contractor or hauled to a legal disposal site, at the discretion of Contractor. When any trash
container provided by Contractor is full, contents shall be removed to a legal disposal facility at the
expense of Contractor.
XXVI. Project Sign
A. Contractor shall fabricate and erect a Project sign designed by Owner's Representative and bearing
the name of the Project, Prime Contractor, principal Subcontractors, designers, consultants, lead lender, a
short Project description, and expected Completion Date. Location of the Project sign will be designated
by Owner or Owner's Representative. Contractor may erect directional signs at the Job Site with approval
of Owner with respect to size, style and location. Directional signs may bear the name of Contractor and a
directional symbol. No other signs will be permitted except by permission of Owner.
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