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Construction Contract Template Free Download
Procurement and Contracts
Revised March 2013
Lien Waivers
The Contractor shall protect, defend and indemnify the Owner from any claims for unpaid work, labor
or materials.
General Guarantee
The Contractor shall remedy any defect due to faulty material or workmanship and pay for any
damage to other work resulting therefrom which shall appear within the period of one year from final
payment. Further, the Contractor will furnish Owner with all manufacturer's and supplier's written
guarantees and warranties covering materials and equipment furnished under this Contract.
Permits and Codes
The Owner shall obtain all necessary building permits, including those required by the
<MUNICIPALITY>, <STATE AGENCY>, and Act 250 as applicable. The Contractor will secure at
his/her own expense any other necessary permits and licenses required to do the work and will
comply with all building and code regulations and ordinances whether or not covered by the
specifications and drawings for the work.
Work Performance
1) The Contractor shall protect all work adjacent to the Contract site from any damage resulting from
the work of the Contractor and shall repair or replace any damaged work at his/her own expense.
2) The Contractor shall replace and put in good condition any existing conditions damaged in carrying
out the contract.
3) The Contractor shall take all precautions to protect persons from injury and unnecessary
interference or inconvenience.
4) The Contractor shall conduct his activities in a business like manner and adhere to the reasonable
wishes of the Owner in relation to his working schedule.
Condition of Premises
The Contractor agrees to keep the premises clean and orderly and to remove all debris as needed
during the hours of work in order to maintain work conditions which do not cause health or safety
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Construction Contract Template Free Download