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Construction Contract Template Free Download
Procurement and Contracts
Revised March 2013
Use of Utilities
The Owner shall permit the Contractor to use, at no cost, power and water necessary to the carrying
out and completion of the work.
Use of On Site Loam
Owner Agrees as part of this contract to allow the Contractor use of on-site loam to the degree
available as necessary for the completion of the project.
The Owner shall have the right to inspect all work performed under this contract. As well it shall be a
condition of this contract that all work that needs to be inspected or tested and certified by the
engineer as a condition of the Dept. of Environmental Conservation Permit, (or other State agency), or
inspected and certified by the local health officer, shall be done at each necessary stage before
further construction can continue. All inspection and certification will be done at the Owner's expense.
Failure to follow this requirement will be grounds for termination of the contract.
Right to Stop Work
If the Contractor fails to correct defective work or persistently fails to supply materials or equipment in
accordance with the Contract Documents, the Owner may order the Contractor to stop the work, or
any portion thereof, until the cause for such order has been eliminated.
Payment Schedule
Payments for work shall be as follows:
Payments shall be disbursed based on the attached schedule of values. Within three days of
notification by the Contractor of each stage of completion, the Owner or its designee will inspect and
approve the work, or request any necessary adjustments in the work. The Owner agrees to make
payments to the Contractor within ten days of approving work.
Contract Security
Contractor shall furnish bonds covering the faithful performance of the Contract and the payment of all
obligations related thereto and as required in the instructions to bidders or elsewhere in this Contract.
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