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CIP concrete construction domain as it defines a foundation from where improvements
can be made and enables leveraging of virtual design and construction methods that
can interact with the formalized information in the instructions.
Keywords: Construction, work instructions, template, cast-in-place concrete, field
1. Introduction
Today’s methods and tools (e.g., cost estimating methods and tools, planning and
scheduling methods, simulations, building information modeling (BIM)) help AEC
professionals produce, analyze and manage design and construction information.
However, there are still quality, safety and productivity problems at the jobsite when
laborers use this information to build the project. Why is this A reason is that the
communication of project information to the final doers of the project (i.e., laborers) is
Emmitt and Gorse (2003) state that to achieve effective communication, instructions
must be clear, concise, complete, error-free, meaningful, relevant, accurate, and timely
to those receiving them. Several of these characteristics do not occur when giving
work instructions (mix of design and construction information) to construction
laborers. The traditional method to deliver these instructions is via construction
drawings and informal verbal communication. Previous studies and our experience
show that this method negatively affects the field work as described below.
- Productivity: construction drawings are frequently incomplete, not coordinated
between the different disciplines, difficult to read, and not updated. This poor
quality of the drawings lowers labor productivity and increases the chance of
having construction claims (Gao et al., 2006; Makulsawatudom and Emsley, 2003;
Kagan, 1985). Also, the content of construction drawings usually addresses more
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