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Content Marketing Checklist
Content Marketing Checklist
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Content Marketing
Content Checklist
This content marketing checklist will work nicely
for a website page and a blog post.
You do not have to adhere to this list without
variation. However, until this becomes second
nature it may pay to refer to this list and try to
get as many of these items into each content
marketing piece as you can manage.
Keyword Phrase Research
Content marketing needs to be tied to good keyword research. Make sure you do keyword
research to determine three main items.
Review whether the search volume for your primary word is sufficient.
Determine if the competition level is such that your business can compete.
Ensure that the phrase/market you want to build the content around is closely related to
your business (and your passion).
Content SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Title Tag – This is a very important HTML tag and will help your webpage or blog post
rise in search if set up properly. Use your primary keyword phrase at the start of the tag and
do not exceed 70 total characters (including spaces).
Description Tag – This tag will be presented by the search engines when they present
your content in their search results. For this reason alone the tag is important. However, if set
up properly it also helps the content to rise in the search results so this tag does double duty.
Use your primary keyword phrase at the start of the description tag and do not exceed 160
total characters (including spaces).
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Content Marketing Checklist