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Content Marketing Checklist
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H1 Tag – This is the visible title of your webpage or post. It is the headline for your
content. To have a nice headline is vital for engagement and the search engines look for this
tag and place significant weight on it. Use your primary keyword phrase if possible in the tag.
Make it compelling.
H2 Tag – This is a subheading tag and to use it to make reading easier for your
audience. The search engines look for this tag as well. Use your primary keyword phrase or
a secondary phrase if possible. Do whatever makes the most sense for good writing.
An Image with Keyword File Name – Adding an image adds value. Also, you can
name your images anything so why not name them using your primary keyword phrase or
something that relates well to your primary keyword phrase. The search engines cannot
"see" the image but they can read the file name. Help your content to be found in search.
An Image with Keyword Alt Text – Use Alt Text that has the exact keyword phrase or
that relates well to your keyword phrase. Alt text is the text that you see when you place your
mouse over an image.
Link(s) – Build a strong internal link network and think about what external sources
could link to this content. Link your posts to your website pages, your pages to other relevant
pages and your posts to each other. This helps your readers and will help your content to be
found in search.
Content Readability
Readability Stats – Use the Tools / Options / Spelling / Readability Stats in MS Word
(or the equivalent if you use another program) to get a quantitative idea of the readability of
your content. This tool will also show you the extent to which you have used the passive
voice. In most cases you will want to write using the active voice.
White SpaceWhite space helps people to feel more comfortable with your content. A
page that is a big block of text will turn people away. Use white space to help present the
content in a manner friendly to your readers.
Section HeadingsSection headings are great for readability and for search engine
optimization. Use them.
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