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Content Marketing Checklist
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Highlighted Text – Italics, Bold, Underline or Larger Font or Different Colored text
breaks up the content to make it more pleasing to human readers and the search engines
pay special attention to any high-lighted text. If you can have your primary keyword phrase
somewhere in the content using highlighted text then this will also help search performance.
Bullets – A bullet list is much easier to read (and scan) than the same information
presented in paragraph format. Make your content easy to read and scan.
Link(s) – Make internal links from any content page or blog post to other related and
helpful content items on your website or blog. You may even want to link to some great
content that is not on your site. If you do this use a link with a keyword phrase and if you link
to content that is not on your site then make sure you construct the link to open in a new
window or tab if you link to external content.
Content Type/Format
Reading Level of Audience – Use a reading level and language that relates to your
audience. Use the reading level of the niche. Make it easy for your audience.
Specific LanguageBe specific with your language and never be vague. Use the
language and terms of the niche to make them feel at home and to show them that you
understand them.
Text, Images, Video & Audio – Use a content format that works best for your audience
or include multiple content formats to help relate to people in multiple ways. Also some
people like to read while others may prefer to listen. If you can cater to both segments within
your target audience then your content can engage both segments optimally.
Writing Style – Use a writing style that is yours and that relates to your audience.
Content Style – Should your content be in paragraph format, a bullet list a photo or a
diagram Use multiple formats to increase the interest level.
Personality – Do not be afraid to bring your personality into to your content. To bring
your personality into your blog is even expected. Personality for a web page will still be there
but typically the personality of a website page will not be as prominent as for a blog post.
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Content Marketing Checklist