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Contract Amendment
Contract Amendment
1. Clearly indicate specifically what is being amended -- but ONLY what is being amended.
2. Do not recite again the entire original contract or any previous amendments in their entirety.
3. Please use these guidelines:
State that the parties are mutually agreeing to amend the contract.
Then list all the existing sections, by section, which are being amended.
If a section is deleted in its entirety and replaced with new language, say that. Then
insert the new language.
If a section is deleted in part, indicate which part is deleted, then insert any language if
there is new language to replace the deleted section.
If a new section is being added, say that and insert the new section. Be mindful of
numbering in the original contract and number any new sections appropriately.
For example:
If the original contract has 13 sections, the new Section added by the Amendment will be
section 14.
If the term of the contract is being amended, say how (adding or deleting the # of
months, years, etc.) and what effect is made on the original term,
For example: “The term of the contract is amended to add 6 months and
thereby changing the end date of the contract from 1/1/04 to 6/30/04.” Be mindful of the
effect this might have on due dates in the original contract and address any changes to
those as noted above.
If you are reducing the contract term, you must always address the affect on services. For
instance, a year long contract with monthly due dates and deliverables, when reduced to
a 6 month term, will only be able to produce ½ the promised deliverables under certain
If you are adding time and no money, state that as “a no cost extension of the contract so
as to allow the contractor to complete the tasks itemized in the original contract.” And
then continue on as above addressing the change in term.
If funding is being reduced, you must address its affect on services. It would be very rare
for funding to be reduced without a corresponding reduction in services. Please address
this with sufficient detail in Box 10.
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Contract Amendment