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Contract Amendment
Please confirm that any change in end date of the term of the contract is also reflected in Box 7
as well.
At the end, always state that “All other terms and conditions not changed by this (or prior)
Amendment(s) remain in full force and effect.”
4. Please number ALL Amendments even the first or only Amendment to each contract.
5. If you are Amending a previously amended contract, indicate that as follows:
“The parties agree to futher amend this contract, originally executed on ________ and previously
amended on ________, _________ and_________.”
6. Always indicate how the Amendment changes the budget or funding. Whether it adds or deletes
money, and by what amount and how the maximum total payable is changed. For example:
“This amendment adds $_______ to the contract and the maximum total payable under the
entire contract, including all amendments, is changed from $_________ to
7. Whenever you add money you must also indicate WHY. If you are adding services, the
additional must be as completely described as is required in any original contract.
8. If you are deleting money, you must also indicate WHY and specifically indicate what services
are being deleted or reduced.
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