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Contract Amendment
(Select all that apply, number selected items in order and delete unused items before
inserting into Modification form)
#______ The term of this Contract is extended for an additional _______ months/years and the end
date of the Contract is changed from ____/____/____ to ____/____/____.
#______ The term of this Contract is reduced by _______ months/years and the end date of the
Contract is changed from ____/____/____ to ____/____/____.
#_______ The total maximum payable under this contract as Amended is increased / decreased by $
new funding amount OR reduction
), from $ (
former maximum )
to $ (
new maximum ).
# ______ Additional funding in the amount of $_________________ is provided to fund the
extended term of the contract as noted in # _____ above, of this Modification.
#_______ The additional funding noted above is awarded for the __________________________
Program. Specific services to be provided by the Contractor are described on page(s)
______________ of this Modification.
#_______ Funding for this Contract is hereby reduced by $_________________ and the total
maximum payable under the contract, as amended, is now $_______________________.
This clause also requires a statement to explain in detail WHY funding is reduced corresponding
reduction in term of contract, elimination of certain enumerated services, etc.)
#_______ The services of the original contract (
as previously modified)
are (
changed as
(Then describe the changes that are the subject of the amendment in detail. If the changes are substantial,
consider deleting the entire original Description of Services and replacing it in its entirety with a new one
under the Amendment)
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