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Contract for Armed Security Services
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14. Stop Work Order.
a. Order to Stop Work: The procurement officer, may, by written order to Contractor at any time, and
without notice to any surety, require Contractor to stop all or any part of the work called for by this
contract. This order shall be for a specified period not exceeding 90 days after the order is delivered to
Contractor, unless the parties agree to any further period. Any such order shall be identified
specifically as a stop work order issued pursuant to this clause. Upon receipt of such an order,
Contractor shall forthwith comply with its terms and take all reasonable steps to minimize the
occurrence of costs allocable to the work covered by the order during the period of work stoppage.
Before the stop work order expires, or within any further period to which the parties shall have agreed,
the procurement officer shall either:
i. cancel the stop work order; or,
ii. terminate the work covered by such order as provided in the Termination for Default Clause or the
Termination for Convenience Clause of this contract, if applicable.
b. Cancellation or Expiration of the Order: If a stop work order issued under this clause is canceled at
any time during the period specified in the order, or if the period of the order or any extension thereof
expires, Contractor shall have the right to resume work. An appropriate adjustment shall be made in
the delivery schedule or Contractor price, or both, and the contract shall be modified in writing
accordingly, if:
i. the stop work order results in an increase in the time required for, or in Contractor’s cost properly
allocable to, the performance of any part of this contract; and,
ii. Contractor asserts a claim for such an adjustment within 30 days after the end of the period of
work stoppage; provided that, if the procurement officer decides that the facts justify such action,
any such claim asserted may be received and acted upon at any time prior to final payment under
this contract.
c. Termination of Stopped Work: If a stop work order is not canceled and the work covered by such
order is terminated for default or convenience, the reasonable costs resulting from the stop work order
shall be allowed by adjustment or otherwise.
15. Termination for Convenience.
a. Termination. The procurement officer may, when the interests of the State so require, terminate this
contract in whole or in part, for the convenience of the State. The procurement officer shall give
written notice of the termination to Contractor specifying the part of the contract terminated and when
termination becomes effective.
b. Contractor's Obligations. Contractor shall incur no further obligations in connection with the
terminated work and on the date set in the notice of termination Contractor will stop work to the extent
specified. Contractor shall also terminate outstanding orders and subcontracts as they relate to the
terminated work. Contractor shall settle the liabilities and claims arising out of the termination of
subcontracts and orders connected with the terminated work. The procurement officer may direct
Contractor to assign Contractor's right, title, and interest under terminated orders or subcontracts to the
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