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Contract for Armed Security Services
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of Finance and Administration’s independent agency contract website for public access at Information identified by Contractor as trade secrets, or other
proprietary information, including confidential vendor information or any other information which is
required confidential by state or federal law or outside the applicable freedom of information statutes, will
be redacted.
20. Paymode. Payments by state agencies using the Statewide Automated Accounting System (SAAS) shall
be made and remittance information provided electronically as directed by the State. These payments shall
be deposited into the bank account of Contractor’s choice. The State may, at its sole discretion, require
Contractor to electronically submit invoices and supporting documentation at any time during the term of
this Agreement. Contractor understands and agrees that the State is exempt from the payment of taxes. All
payments shall be in United States currency.
21. Procurement Regulations. The contract shall be governed by the applicable provisions of the Mississippi
Personal Service Contract Review Board Rules and Regulations, a copy of which is available at 210 East
Capitol, Suite 800, Jackson, Mississippi 39201 for inspection, or downloadable at
22. Requirements contract. During the period of the contract, Contractor shall provide all the service
described in the contract. Contractor understands and agrees that this is a requirements contract and that
the [AGENCY NAME] shall have no obligation to Contractor if no services are required. Any quantities
that are included in the scope of work reflect the current expectations of the [AGENCY NAME] for the
period of the contract. The amount is only an estimate and Contractor understands and agrees that the
[AGENCY NAME] is under no obligation to Contractor to buy any amount of the services as a result of
having provided this estimate or of having any typical or measurable requirement in the past. Contractor
further understands and agrees that the [AGENCY NAME] may require services in an amount less than or
in excess of the estimated annual contract amount and that the quantity actually used, whether in excess of
the estimate or less than the estimate, shall not give rise to any claim for compensation other than the total
of the unit prices in the contract for the quantity actually used.
In witness whereof, the parties hereto have affixed, on duplicate originals, their signatures on the date indicated
below, after first being authorized so to do.
By: ______
DATE [Contractor’s Name (person signing)]
[Contractor (name of company)]
By: ______
DATE [Director’s Name]
[Director’s Title]
[Agency Name]
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Contract for Armed Security Services