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Contract for Self-Employed or Freelance Staff Guidelines
This clause also makes clear that invoices are expected from the self-employed / freelance person.
As is standard practice, you are also warning that invoices may not be processed and paid immediately and
may take up to 30 days, or whatever is appropriate for your organisation.
The clause also states that the organisation will not lose the right to query making full payment if they feel
that the work has not been completed.
The organisation will pay reasonable properly recorded expenses accrued in the course of carrying out work
agreed in this contract provided that these are agreed in advance with       and appropriate receipts are
You should fill in the name and post of the person who can authorise the expenses.
You may decide that all expenses must be covered in the fee paid in which case this clause should be
Or you may also want to be very specific about what expenses will be paid on top of the fee e.g. travel
expenses only. These details will be negotiated with the self-employed person. Whatever is decided should
be clearly stated in the agreement (see also clause 5. above).
If you are unable to attend work for any reason and your absence has not previously been authorised by
the organisation you must inform the Principal/ Manager of the fact of your absence and the full reasons
for it at least 30 minutes before your normal start time on each working day of absence until you have
provided the organisation with a medical certificate. You must also notify the office of the likelihood of
your date of return and keep the Principal informed of your progress. For absences of four and five
working days you may be required to complete a self-certified form. For absence beyond five working
days you may be required to obtain a medical statement signed by a doctor.
(i) The freelancer will permit at any reasonable time examinations of his/her documents and records by
representatives of any funders of the organisation or to any person appointed by the organisation (for
example, auditors) and shall provide oral or written explanations and all other reasonable assistance to
these people.
(ii) The freelancer shall comply with any Code of Practice issued by Her Majesty's Government from time to
time on access to official information and shall promptly respond to reasonable requests for information.
(iii) The freelancer shall upon termination of his/her engagement immediately deliver up to the organisation all
correspondence, documents, specification papers and property belonging to the organisation which may be
in his/her possession or under his/her control.
These clauses are not essential. However it covers some of the requirements from funders and government
bodies that may be experienced by organisations, and also makes clear that all documents should be given
to the organisation at the end of the contract.
If you have any further requirements or stipulations from funders that may affect the self-employed /
freelance person’s work, these should also be included in the contract.
The entire copyright in all material written by the freelancer in the course of carrying out this work will be held
by the organisation who shall have the exclusive right to publish any such material throughout the legal term
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Council for Dance Education and Training. Example of Contract for Self-employed or Freelance Staff for Recognised Awards
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Contract for Self-Employed or Freelance Staff Guidelines