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Invoice Information Sheet
(Response Name) Response – (Location)
(mm/yy Response Started)
Invoice Information Sheet
Invoices for services are to be sent to (First Name & LastName of AsureQuality’s Logistics Coordinator) at
the address above.
Rates of Payment.
(Summarise Agreed Rates example below)
Time is to be invoiced at a rate of ($) per hour + GST (if applicable)
Motor vehicle running is to be invoiced at ($0.00) cents per kilometre + GST (if applicable)
(Enter further Reimbursement details as applicable)
How accounts will be paid
We will only be paying direct to bank accounts, so please ensure the following information is detailed on your
Account name
Full account number
In order to avoid delays please also attach a Bank Deposit Slip
GST registered:
A GST tax invoice is to be provided covering all costs (use your own normal invoice)
Non GST Registered:
The attached template invoice is to be completed covering all costs
Supporting Information
ALL invoices (both GST and non GST registered) are to be supported with complete details of work undertaken on
the attached form titled (Enter Name of Response, Location and Date as per Heading above) Invoice Supporting
IMPORTANT NOTE: if supporting documentation is not provided, delays in payment will occur while we verify
details. Reimbursement will only be made for pre approved and verifiable hours/expenses.
(First Name LastName of AQ Biosecurity Logistics Coordinator)
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Invoice Information Sheet