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Contractor Invoice Template
This form, subject to change, is effective from October 1, 2015.
Return completed form to:
DHP Services
100 SW Main St, Suite 1500 Portland, OR 97204
Phone 888.958.7472 E-mail:
Terms and Conditions Note: It is not necessary to fax the terms and conditions page for approval.
OFFICIAL FORM: This form and any required additional documentation, including installation invoice, must be filled out completely, truthfully and accurately.
DHP Services will not be responsible for lost documentation pertaining to the submission of this form. Details, including incentives, are subject to change
without prior notice.
HOMEOWNER ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for incentive payment, the home must have permanently installed zonal electric resistance heat as the primary
heating system. EXCEPTION: In some utility areas single family site built or manufactured homes that have an electric forced air furnace as their primary heating
system may qualify. A qualifying home cannot: (i) be under construction (ii) have a fossil fuel central forced air or fossil fuel hydronic heating system, nor (iii)
have a ducted heat pump system.
HOMEOWNER PARTICIPATION: DHP Services, the NW Ductless Heat Pump Project (Project) and participating utilities may suspend and/or end Applicant’s
participation at any time, at their sole discretion by notifying the Applicant in writing of the decision or in accordance with requirements.
SYSTEM ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for incentive payment, ductless heat pumps installed must be: (i) a split system heat pump employing an inverter-driven,
variable speed compressor, a variable speed outdoor fan, and a multi-speed or variable speed indoor blower, (ii) must me meet a minimum HSPF rating of 9.00,
or higher, for single zone systems, or 8.00 or higher, for multi-zone systems, and (iii) indoor units using any type of field installed duct system are NOT
INSTALLER’S RESPONSIBILITY: It is the responsibility of the installer to fully fill out this form at the time of installation, and to ensure this form has been
signed by both the general contractor/installer and homeowner.
INSTALLER ELIGIBILITY: Installers must be licensed, bonded and insured, have successfully completed manufacturer sponsored training for equipment being
installed, and have completed Project orientation. Installers must be eligible participants in the Project in order for utilities to pay incentives. Ensure installer
eligibility with your utility prior to selecting an installer.
CONTRATOR REMOVAL: Non-compliance with installation specifications and/or Quality Assurance Inspections may trigger a performance review of the
installation contractor. This review will be conducted by the NW Ductless Heat Pump Project Quality Assurance team. The performance review may result in
suspension or permanent removal from participation. Findings of the performance review will be communicated, in writing, to the installation contractor and
participating utility along with the terms of suspension or removal.
VERIFICATION AND INSPECTION: Participating homes are subject to onsite inspections in order to verify that the system meets Manufacturer specifications,
Project standards and that the home meets eligibility guidelines. Systems will be randomly chosen for onsite inspection, based on the number of completed
installations by the installer. No warranty is implied by this inspection.
INCENTIVE PAYMENT: DHP Services, on behalf of participating utilities, will approve utility incentive payment upon receipt of all complete and correct
documentation. DHP Services will provide approved incentive payment information to the appropriate utility for payment. One incentive per residence is
available regardless of the number of units installed in the home.
TAX LIABILITY: Neither DHP Services, the Project, utility nor the installer is responsible for any tax liability, which may be imposed on the Participant as a result
of payment of any incentives or as a result of obtaining financing.
DISCLAIMER/NO LIABILITY: The Participant understands that the DHP Services, the Project, and utilities are not supervising work performed for the
Participant and are not responsible for proper completion of that work or proper performance of any products purchased. The Participant assumes the risk of
any loss or damage in connection with installation. DHP Services and the Project do not guarantee any particular energy savings results by its approval of the
ENDORSEMENT: DHP Services and the Project do not endorse any particular manufacturer, installer, or product in promoting ductless heating and cooling
systems. The fact that the names of particular manufacturers, installers, or products may appear on DHP Services or Project materials does not constitute an
endorsement. Manufacturers, installers, or products not mentioned are not implied to be unsuitable or defective in any way.
SAFETY AND BUILDING CODES: The Participant agrees to pursue compliance with federal, state, and local building and environmental codes for the
installation of this product. The installer certifies products have been installed consistent with manufacturer instructions.
PROPERTY RIGHTS: The Participant must have proper authority to install the ductless system on the designated property, or has obtained any necessary
consent from the landlord.
ACCESS AND EVALUATION: DHP Services and the Project and its representatives may request access to the property on which the system was installed to
review and evaluate the system during and after installation. The Participant agrees to provide reasonable access to the property for the purposes described
herein. In addition, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and its representatives may contact the participant for future research and program participation.
REFRIGERANT LINE PROTECTION: Protect the outdoor portion of the line set with rigid line hide to avoid premature insulation damage. Add UV tape as
needed to ensure entire length is protected.
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