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Contractors Proposal Form Template
Clean-Up Requirements
1. All contractors holding direct contracts with The Cleveland Clinic Foundation shall be totally
responsible for the clean-up and removal of debris from the work area and site. This shall
include the clean-up of debris generated by their subcontractors. Provide all required laborers
and equipment required to provide daily cleaning for debris created by this bid package
contractor and deposited in dumpsters at the ground level loading dock.
2. During the construction period, the entire project shall be kept as clean and free of debris as
possible by all contractors. The owner shall have the right to demand additional clean up if in his
opinion, the job site is unsightly. All contractors shall have access to an exterior trash container
in an exterior location as directed by the owner. This container shall be utilized by all
contractors for disposal of trash.
3. At the completion of the work, the General Trades Contractor shall remove all debris, "vacuum-
clean" the project and perform any special cleaning processes required. All glass, plastic, and finish
flooring shall be cleaned and polished and all stains, marks, paint and dirt removed from finish
materials. All temporary protections shall be removed. The General Trades Contractor shall be
responsible for all final cleaning costs including but not limited to waxing floors, cleaning
equipment, walls, hardware, mirrors, glass, cabinets etc. of entire construction site in a manner
acceptable to The Cleveland Clinic’s Environmental Services inspection prior to turning project
over to CCF. Broom cleaning will not be acceptable. Project cost of such cleaning etc. shall be
borne by the General Trades Contractor.
4. If, in the opinion of the Owner, the work area requires clean-up, this clean-up will be
accomplished by the Owner without notification to the contractors. The cost and distribution of
responsibility for the clean-up shall be determined by the Owner, and the Owner's decision shall
be final without question. The costs for the above will be deducted from the monies due under
the Contract.
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Contractors Proposal Form Template