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Course Evaluation Form 2
Course Evaluation Form 2
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Course evaluations give you the opportunity to express views about a course and the way it was
taught. The college administration may use your responses to evaluate your instructors teaching. Both
tenured and untenured faculty members are evaluated, and so it is important that you answer thoroughly
and honestly. Questions 3 through 8 of this form ask you to evaluate the course specifically in terms of
the college’s published general education criteria. Please be detailed in your answers and give examples
where possible, answering all questions.
1. How did this course change, challenge, or focus your thinking on the subject matter
2. My thinking about this topic was refined by the course:
      Strongly Agree       Agree       Neutral       Disagree       Strongly Disagree
3. In what ways did the instruction in this course engage students as active participants in the learning
4. The instructor employed a variety of effective learning formats:
     Strongly Agree      Agree      Neutral      Disagree      Strongly Disagree
5. How did this course help improve your academic skills in such areas as writing, analyzing, speaking,
and thinking critically
6. My academic skills improved:
      Strongly Agree       Agree       Neutral       Disagree       Strongly Disagree
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Course Evaluation Form 2