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Course Evaluation Form 3
Course Evaluation Form 3
(Rev. 8/02)
Sample Course Evaluation Form
Course Evaluation:
Course Title:________________________________ Date(s) of Course _________________________
Course Sponsor:______________________________ Location:_______________________________
The purpose of this form is provide you with an opportunity to give feedback on the course you have just
attended. This evaluation is important because it gives information to improve this course.
Please check the appropriate blank and offer any comments you may have about the course:
Element Excellent Good Fair Poor Comments
Quality of Instruction
Relevance of Material
Organization of Course
Interest of Material
Facility Conditions
Overall Evaluation
Please answer the following questions:
Would you recommend this course to others in your profession ( ) Yes ( ) No; Why_______________
What(if any) public health skill/knowledge did you acquire as a result of attending this course__________
Suggested course topics*__________________________________________________________________
Additional Comments:____________________________________________________________________
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Course Evaluation Form 3