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Creative Brief Template 2
Creative Brief Template 2
Project overview:
Scope of work/deliverables needed (ex business card including a logo, letterhead and envelope).
What prompted the need for this project
Detail any elements you’ll be providing such as product shots, diagrams, logo, copy.
Business Profile: This is your basic information.
Company name, contact name, address, email, phone number(s), etc.
Do you currently have a visual brand identity Do you have a brand guide
What elements will you be providing for this project (ex logo, photos, prepared copy)
Be prepared to share samples of company materials currently in use (ex ads, packaging).
Clearly describe the product/service you want to sell.
Company Background: This is a brief history of the company background.
What do you do How did you start the company
Everyone has a story about their business journey. What’s your story
Who are your competitors or who will you be compared with How are you different from
them What’s your position in the marketplace What are your competitors up to
Where do you want to place yourself relative to your competition © 2011 GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING 902 831 2330
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Creative Brief Template 2