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Creative Nation Agreement V1
YouTube Network Partnership Agreement
This agreement (the"Agreement, Contract") sets forth the mutually
agreed upon terms and conditions by and between
Creative Nation MCN Ltd ("Network, we, our, us") registered in the Republic of Ireland at Unit E,
Digital Court, Digital Hub, Dublin 8 and
Applicant ;on the basis of the First and Last name entered into the application form
(“Content Creator, you, your”) concerning Content Creator's grant of certain rights to Network with
respect to Content Creator's YouTube Channel on the basis of the channel entered into the “Your
YouTube Channel” field on the application form.
Including any other URLs which may be separate
YouTube channels or refer back to the YouTube channel enetered as above and any future
substantially similar YouTube channels launched by Content Creator during the Term of this Agreement
(i.e., feature the same or similar subject matter or content, Content Creator's name, Channel name or
trademark or logo, etc.), all of which above channels and URLs shall be subject to the terms of this
Agreement and collectively referred to herein as the "Content Creator YouTube Properties." Additional
channels that Content Creator may launch or desire to include as part of this Agreement as Content
Creator YouTube Properties, that are not otherwise automatically included hereunder by the terms of
this Agreement, may be added by mutual consent of the parties in writing (for this purpose, email shall
suffice, provided the email is from an authorized Network representative, clearly sets forth the name of
the channel(s) to be added, and Content Creator responds confirming Content Creator's consent to add
such channel(s)).
In consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, and other consideration the
sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties hereby agree as follows:
1. Overview.
Content Creator is the owner of the Content Creator's YouTube Properties and also the
producer/creator/authorized licensee of content that appears therein. Content Creator desires, in
exchange for the payment to Content Creator of the fees payable hereunder, for the Content Creator
YouTube Properties to become part of the muti-channel network owned or controlled by Network
("MCN") and included directly in Network's relationship with YouTube for the purposes of total video
views, unique impressions, inventory sales, optimization and ongoing management, and reporting,
among other things. This will enable official advertising and messaging to be served and embedded in
and displayed against content in the Content Creator YouTube Properties, the sale and management of
which shall be handled on Content Creator's behalf by Network as set forth herein. Network shall have
the exclusive right (other than YouTube's independent, direct sales efforts, if any) to sell advertising on
the Content Creator YouTube Properties and to collect any and all revenue generated from the Content
Creator YouTube Properties (i.e., ad sales, Google Ad Sense, video ad sense, premium sponsorships,
etc.), all as set forth in greater detail below.
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Creative Nation Agreement V1