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Credit Reference Letter From Landlord
[landlord’s name]
[business name]
[street address]
[suburb state postcode]
To whom it may concern
Re: [tenant names and address of rental property]
This reference letter is to confirm that [tenant names and their children if relevant] have been
tenants in the above property since [date of tenancy]. The rental property is a [2-bedroom
Their last rent payment was $[rental amount], which was paid on time on [date of payment]. During
the tenancy, they have been responsible and timely in their rent payments, which were due
There have been no complaints from neighbours, and the tenants have kept the property and its
surrounding area clean and tidy. [We will refund their rental bond within 14 days of their moving-out
I can confirm that the tenants were respectful, friendly and helpful. They made no unreasonable
demands or complaints during their tenancy.
[Their pet dog has also been quiet and well behaved with no complaints from neighbours.]
We have not served [tenant names] a Notice to Remedy or any other legal notice during the
tenancy. They informed us in advance of the reason for their move. However, if they choose to
stay, we will gladly rent out our property to them again.
You are welcome to contact me on [phone number] and I will happily answer any other questions
you may have.
Yours sincerely
[landlord’s name}
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Credit Reference Letter From Landlord