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Death Notice Free Excel Download
Death Notice Free Excel Download
Death Announcement Simple Standard for a newspaper Obituary
*NAME*, *AGE*, of *PLACE OF RESIDENCE*, died (may also state *went to
heaven*, passed away, has left this earth, etc.), *DATE* (cause of death is optional,
but often included).
*HE/SHE* was born *PLACE*, *DATE OF BIRTH*. *NAME* graduated from
*SCHOOL* and received *DEGREE* from *SCHOOL*. *HE/SHE* was married to
*SPOUSE’S NAME* (you may included the date of marriage if you like).
Summary of their life can go here: Things they accomplished, organizations they
were part of, the kind of work they did, recreational activities etc.
*HE/SHE* was survived by *CHILDREN*, *GRANDCHILDREN*, Etc. (Please
separate each name by a comma, or optionally a semicolon)
Funeral arrangements will be held “TIME”, “DATE” and “PLACE”.
For a Longer Obituary you can follow the style below.
An obituary contains several sections.
The first paragraph often contains the first 4 points down below.
Begin the 2nd paragraph with survivors and conclude in the third paragraph with the
service arrangements.
1. Dateline Include the city and country. This is the heading at the top of the
2. Next is more about the deceased. (Their name, age, place of birth and
3. Very personalized area about the deceased. Included accomplishments,
occupation, military service is applicable, volunteering, hobbies, activities etc.
4. Family of the deceased. You can included names of parents, family members,
surviving spouse. Some additional info may be more detail about their childhood,
marriage, career.
5. Survivors come in this paragraph. Depending on the age of the deceased, family
members listed are usually as follows. Spouse, children, parents and great
grandparents. Great grandparents is especially important if a child has passed.
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Death Notice Free Excel Download