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Department of Automotive Technology Newsletter
Fall / Winter 2013
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Baja Competition Returns to PSU in May 2014
Dear Pittsburg State University Automotive Alumni, Corporate Partners and Friends:
Over the years, PSU has been involved in many collegiate competitions within the different program ar-
eas. Since 1991, PSU has competed in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Baja competitions,
held all over the United States. SAE Baja is a student design competition that was started in 1976. It
was patterned off of the famed Baja 1000 off road desert race. The students are challenged to design
and build a single seat off road vehicle for the weekend enthusiast. The vehicle must meet stringent
safety and manufacturing standards. Each vehicle is judged on its design, manufacturing, cost and
overall performance.
Each event consists of a four day engineering design competition where the students put their vehicle to
test against other schools from all over the world. The events are categorized into Static and Dynamic
activities. Day one and two of each event includes technical inspections, design judging, brake testing,
and sales presentations to potential manufacturers and customers. Day three of the competition in-
cludes dynamic testing of each vehicle. The vehicles are challenged to a suspension course, a maneuver-
ability course, a hill climb event, a rock crawl, and a speed and acceleration test. Each event on day
three is a timed event that the students complete one vehicle at a time. Day four is the culminating
event in which the students compete in a four hour endurance event. This event is held on a two mile
course that is intended to test the capabilities of each of the off road vehicles. Each team receives points
for each lap completed in the four hour time frame. The overall winner of the entire event is the school
that performs well in all aspects of the competition.
In May 2011, PSU hosted its first ever national baja event. Due to the success of this event, SAE has
asked PSU to host again in May 2014. With this commitment comes a variety of challenges. We will
need to raise additional funds, equipment and man power to assure that our event is successful. We
want to make sure that all participants leave Pittsburg with a positive experience.
We are writing to you to request your support for this event. Support can come in many ways. As previ-
ously mentioned, we are in need of financial support, equipment, and volunteer support. If you or your
organization would like to help out in any way, please respond to Trent Lindbloom at tlind- Any help that you can provide to this event will be greatly appreciated.
Trent Lindbloom
Tax Deductible Donations can be sent to:
Baja SAE Kansas C/O Trent Lindbloom
Pittsburg State University
1701 S. Broadway
Baja SAE Kansas
May 2014
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