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Department of Automotive Technology Newsletter
Fall/Winter 2013
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Visitors from China Evaluate Automotive Technology Program
Three Chinese visitors, Dr. Sui, Dr. Li and Mr. Jia from Harbin University of Science and Tech-
nology (HUST) in Harbin China, arrived at Pittsburg State University on October 3, 2013 as
part of an agreement that was reached with President Scott, Dr. Dallman and Dr. Dell. They
came here to observe our program and classroom and lab teaching style and to discuss a 3+1
program where their automotive engineering students would attend 3 years at HUST and at-
tend their senior year at PSU. Once they complete their year at PSU they would then return to
China to receive their diploma from HUST. The target date for this venture is fall of 2015.
HUST is an engineering school where students spend a majority of time in the classroom learn-
ing the theory but not as much time is spent in the lab. At PSU they will receive a more hands
on experience and be able to apply their theory to practical application. Three more professors
will be coming to PSU for the spring semester. When Dr. Frisbee was asked about the coopera-
tion between the two schools he said, “that this venture can be good for both universities but will
also present some challenges that will need to be addressed over time.” He said, “when you put
this into perspective it is amazing that a university in China would know about PSU’s automo-
tive program and want to learn from it. That goes to show that PSU’s automotive department
continues to rank near the top when it comes to four-year automotive programs.”
From left to right: Dr. Li, Mr. Jia, Dr. Sui, Cathy Lee (International office), Dr. Bruce Dallman,
Assistant Professor Randy Jones, and Dr. Bob Frisbee
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Department of Automotive Technology Newsletter