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Designing Evaluation Plan
Designing Evaluation Plan
Every proposal should have an evaluation section that varies with the complexity of the
project. At minimum, the evaluation section must address the following two types:
Formative evaluationTo gain direction for improving projects as they are developing
Include implementation and process components
May lead to changes in the way the project is structured and carried out
Summative evaluation—To determine project effectiveness after sufficient time to
produce results
Also called outcome or impact evaluation
Determine what the project has actually accomplished in terms of its stated goals
The following five steps can help you develop an effective evaluation section for your
Step 1 Determine what is to be evaluated: Generally there are evaluation activities
related to each project objective.
Step 2 Determine what type of evaluation is appropriate: In general, there are five
types that vary in the complexity, amount of funds invested in evaluation, and who will
conduct the evaluation (See next page for list of evaluation types).
Step 3 Determine who will conduct the evaluation: The project staff or an external
Step 4 Establish an evaluation budget: As a general rule, small projects devote 3 –
5%; large, multi-year, complex projects devote up to 10%.
Step 5 Describe the products of the evaluation: At a minimum it is part of the final
project report, but a separate evaluation report may be a project deliverable.
Sinclair Community College Proposal Development Tool Kit® April 2003 Page 15
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Designing Evaluation Plan