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Differentiated Instruction Lesson Template
Differentiated Instruction Lesson Template
Teacher'Name:''Mrs.'Jill'Demerjian' ''''''''Grade'level:''6
School:''Mission'D olores'Scho o l' '''''''Subject:''Mathem a tic s
Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plan
Learning Goals or Standards to be addressed:
CA Standard 6
Grade Mathematics
Number Sense 2.0 Students Calculate & Solve Problems Involving Multiplication & Division of Fractions
(just a small part of this large standard)
K Students will know: the steps to divide and multiply fractions/mixed numbers
U Students will understand: when and why they would multiply or divide in a particular situation (makes
learning meaningful to students)
D Students will be able to: solve problems by multiplying and dividing fractions/mixed numbers. In
addition, students will be able to explain the difference between dividing and multiplying fractions (skills,
actions, performance)
Think about the students for whom you are planning this lesson. What kind of differentiation best meets
their needs Readiness Interest Learning Profile
Differentiation strategy (process, content,
product) or Environment
Grouping Strategy
*Using Multiple Differentiation Strategies =
Activities That Are More Interesting &
All strategies are utilized in this particular
Process: Address types of learning modalities
- Kinesthetic, Visual, Auditory
Content: Complexity of thinking skills required
Product: Different ways to show understanding
based on ability and learning profile.
Environment: Location, noise level, sitting vs.
Groups Based Upon:
#1 Readiness
#2 Learning Profile
#3 Group Dynamic
*Flexible Grouping Utilized
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Differentiated Instruction Lesson Template