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Digital Marketing Strategy Checklist Page 2
What offer will you promote ________________________________________
At what price point _______________________________________________
Over what time period _____________________________________________
a) Users who already engage: Use your guest personas to define this audience. If you don’t
have guest personas, look at the ‘user demographics’ of your Google Analytics account to
find customers who already engage with your brand. You can also use your booking engine
data. Ask yourself who stays with you, how old they are, where they come from, and why
they are staying with you.
b) New audience: Do research online, asking similar questions to those above. Narrow
targeting as much as possible to focus your message this will result in a higher conversion
Research average lead times for the demographic you’re targeting. What is the average lead time
If your campaign is going to be very short, you should send a teaser message out on your platforms.
Will this campaign require a teaser message
There is no universal rule book, but here are some factors to consider: if you have a price-conscious
demographic, consider launching your campaign near the end or beginning of the calendar month to
coincide with your guests’ paydays. Additionally, Mondays are often more successful days for a
campaign to launch.
How are you going to sell your message Create a Unique Selling Proposition.
Your USP should have:
a) A strong headline you must grab a user’s attention in 5 seconds or less
b) Bullet-pointed or numbered information, to keep a reader’s focus.
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