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c) Information presented as benefits, not features. Explain how your spa will help your guest
unwind, not just the fact that you have a spa.
You must be willing to invest enough to meet your goals. A general rule of thumb is 5-10% of
potential revenue, but many factors can influence this. What is 5-10% of your campaign’s potential
revenue, and what are some factors that could influence the level of investment needed
If your campaign exceeds its goals, do you have surplus money to keep the momentum going
In theory, as long as your CPA% cost per acquisition is being met and is lower than other
channels like OTAS, your marketing budget should have no limit. Why turn off the tap if the money
is flowing
This is the part where you can get creative. With your budget, offer and target audience in mind,
assess the following platforms:
a) Paid Social Media
a. Facebook: Facebook is one of the most successful e-commerce platforms for
promoting a campaign to a specific audience. Use Custom Audiences to tailor your
campaign to your target audience, and use Facebook remarketing to get the most
out of this platform.
b. Instagram: only launched in September 2015, Instagram’s advertising platform is off
to a very strong start. You can control your Insta campaigns from your Facebook
advertising account. Remember: Instagram is a visual platform make sure you’ve
got strong images.
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