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b) Paid Search and Display: Google
When running your campaign, use your Google AdWords to draw attention to your campaign.
You can do this by:
- Highlighting your campaign within Google search network adverts
- Using advert sitelinks to deep-link searches directly to your offer page
- Using Google Remarketing on the display network to promote your offer images work
best here
- If your budget stretches to this, display marketing can scale your reach and drive
awareness to a new audience –make sure you’re targeting correctly
- Customer Match, a new feature, allows you to upload email addresses and target those
users via the search network, YouTube and user’s Gmail accounts.
c) Email Marketing
Email marketing is an integral part of any digital campaign. It’s how you engage directly with
your guests, and, depending on the quality of your list, can drive considerable revenue.
Simplicity is key to the design and message of your e-zine keep that in mind. You can
communicate with your audience both before and during your campaign. Consider a Teaser
campaign 48 hours before your campaign begins, or offering exclusive access to the campaign
before general release.
d) Your Website
This is your most important channel. All your marketing campaigns, across every platform,
direct traffic here. Two things to consider:
Your Home Page: if a visitor lands here, can they tell you’re running a promotion How Do you
have a floating banner, a countdown clock, or something similar
Marketing Landing Pages: These are key. Landing pages give your campaign a dedicated space,
and let you narrow the focus of a page to just the offer you’re making.
- Make sure all content images, text, offers are relevant to your campaign. The page
should have a single objective.
- Message match is important. Make sure the message across all your platforms matches
the message on your landing page. Are you using the same image Do the titles and
wording match up If they don’t, you run the risk of confusing customers.
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