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Disaster Recovery Plan Template 2
Information Technology Statement of Intent
This document delineates our policies and procedures for technology disaster recovery, as well as
our process-level plans for recovering critical technology platforms and the telecommunications
infrastructure. This document summarizes our recommended procedures. In the event of an
actual emergency situation, modifications to this document may be made to ensure physical
safety of our people, our systems, and our data.
Our mission is to ensure information system uptime, data integrity and availability, and business
Policy Statement
Corporate management has approved the following policy statement:
The company shall develop a comprehensive IT disaster recovery plan.
A formal risk assessment shall be undertaken to determine the requirements for the
disaster recovery plan.
The disaster recovery plan should cover all essential and critical infrastructure
elements, systems and networks, in accordance with key business activities.
The disaster recovery plan should be periodically tested in a simulated environment to
ensure that it can be implemented in emergency situations and that the management
and staff understand how it is to be executed.
All staff must be made aware of the disaster recovery plan and their own respective
The disaster recovery plan is to be kept up to date to take into account changing
The principal objective of the disaster recovery program is to develop, test and document
a well-structured and easily understood plan which will help the company recover as
quickly and effectively as possible from an unforeseen disaster or emergency which
interrupts information systems and business operations. Additional objectives include the
The need to ensure that all employees fully understand their duties in implementing
such a plan
The need to ensure that operational policies are adhered to within all planned
The need to ensure that proposed contingency arrangements are cost-effective
The need to consider implications on other company sites
Disaster recovery capabilities as applicable to key customers, vendors and others
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Disaster Recovery Plan Template 2