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Dj Contract Pdf
Dj Contract Pdf
AGREEMENT made this ________ day of __________________________________, 2013,
by and between _______________________________________, hereinafter referred to as
the Purchaser, and DJ Josh Whitlock, hereinafter referred to as the DJ.
In consideration of the promises and the agreements herein contained and intending to be
legally bound hereby, the Parties do agree as follows:
1. The Purchaser hereby engages the DJ to provide a DJ Service. The service to be
performed at Event Location:
Venue:! ! __________________________________
Address:" " __________________________________
! ! __________________________________
Coordinator:! __________________________________
Phone #:! ! __________________________________
2. DJ hereby agrees to provide a DJ Service for the Purchaser at the above-mentioned
3. The said DJ Service shall consist primarily of providing musical entertainment by means
of a recorded music format.
4. DJ hereby agrees to render his professional services and will maintain control of his
program at all times.
5. The Parties hereby agree that the DJ Service shall be provided and accepted on the
following date(s) and time(s) of the engagement:
Date(s):! ! _______________
Start Time(s):! _________! PM
Finish Time(s):! _________! PM
6. The Purchaser in consideration of the DJ Service to be rendered by the DJ, and the
mutual promises contained herein, hereby agrees to pay to the DJ the following
A non-refundable reservation fee of $100.00 is required to secure the services of the
DJ for the engagement. This amount shall be applied toward the Performance Fee.
The Performance Fee is $_________ for the ___-hour time frame outlined above.
Services requested that exceed the time frame will be charged at the rate of
$_________ per hour, payable the day of the engagement. It may not always be
possible to provide additional performance time. However, when feasible, requests for
extended playing time will be accommodated.
Additional Terms and Conditions
This agreement guarantees that the DJ will be ready to perform at the start time of the
engagement. No guarantee is made as to the DJs time of arrival; however, the DJ requests
that they be permitted 60 minutes before the engagement and 45 minutes after the
DJ Josh Whitlock Contract! I
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Dj Contract Pdf