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DJ Contract
DJ Contract
DJ Contract
{DJ Name} will be providing the musical entertainment at {name or type of
event} for {Customer Name} on {date}.
Event Information
Customer Name Contact Number
Address of Event
Date of Event Event Time
Type of Event # of Guests
Payment Information
The total fee for this service is {amount in dollars} for {number} hours of
entertainment. If {Customer Name} requests additional hours, and {DJ Name} is
able to provide them, the fee will be {amount in dollars} per additional hour.
{Customer Name} will pay a deposit at least {number} days prior to the event,
in the amount of {amount in dollars}. This deposit is {refundable/non-
{Customer Name} will pay the balance due on or before the date of the event.
If {Customer Name} wishes to cancel the services, he/she must give {DJ Name}
at least {number} days’ notice. Any cancellation after that point will result in
{forfeiture of deposit, balance due immediately, etc.}.
Payments may be made via {cash, check, money order, etc.}.
{DJ Name} will bring the following for setup: {list of what DJ will be bringing}.
{DJ Name} will require {Customer Name and/or venue} to provide {list of what
the customer or venue will have to provide}.
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DJ Contract