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Eco Options Company Profile Sample
What Is Eco Options
Almost twenty years ago, Top End residents began to understand the benefits for harnessing
the power of nature to help reduce their energy costs. Products like whirly-bird ventilation
and skylights grew in demand and a small business was born to service the need.
However, the Top End posed it’s own unique barriers. Cyclones posed threat to newly
installed systems and no-one could guarantee the products under cyclonic circumstances.
This caused clear problems with insurance.
As the world opened its eyes to the need to reduce its energy consumption and pressure
started to mount for individuals to reduce their own carbon footprint, the Top End still
confronted its own, fundamental stumbling block… the extreme environment.
On the positive side, you’d have to imagine that such extremes must surely mean that
Mother Nature would also provide a high level of alternative energy solutions to the Top End
if she could be harnessed, right
This very quandary set a small team of passionate building industry members on a quest to
find suitable innovations, test them in wind tunnels and use the results to bring a range of
environmentally sound, Top End suitable products to Territory residents and construction
Today, Eco Options remains a driven, Darwin-based company committed to providing viable
cost and eco-effective building solutions to make Top End tropical homes more comfortable
and energy efficient.
We specialise in providing sustainable solutions for the domestic renovation and construction
sectors including natural lighting, roofing, ventilation, heat reflective coatings,
environmentally responsible decking, screening, composting toilets and waterless urinals.
What’s more, our skylights and ventilation products are deemed to comply with Darwin’s
stringent cyclone code.
From small beginnings, some 18 years ago as Darwin Skylights, the business rebranded in
2005 to encompass all its other eco friendly services. With a team of fulltime installers
supported by highly efficient administration and management, our mixture of experience,
youthful energy and total commitment to quality makes eco options the eco-nomical and
eco-logical choice for you.
“It’s not every day that you buy a product that totally exceeds your expectations,
but that was the case with my new skylight. The dull corner of my lounge is now
the brightest part of the room! The installation was done quickly and with no mess,
a first class job all round. My thanks to Simon and his team.”
~ Peter
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Eco Options Company Profile Sample