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Eco Options Company Profile Sample
Can We Help You
Situated at 10 Witte Street in Winnellie, Northern Territory, Eco Options services
both the trade and domestic markets.
If you are a tradesman, you’ll appreciate our tailor-made tradesman’s service.
DIY homeowners are also very welcome and we are available to talk you through all
the instructions for installing your products correctly, so that your warranty is valid.
Deliveries can be made throughout the Northern Territory and across the north of
Western Australia.
So, if you’re Territory or northern WA-based, we’ve got you covered.
How We Can Help You.
When you embark on a building project in this day and ageregardless of whether
that project is big or smallyou can find yourself burdened with an overwhelming sense
of responsibility…
Can I stay within budget and still get the quality of workmanship I need
Will my decision today have an impact on tomorrow
Am I achieving a healthy balance between energy efficiency and architectural style
Will my project bring kudos or criticism
It doesn’t seem to matter how much progress we make, the demands to do more with less
and to achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint are ever increasing. These pressures can
make planning the simplest renovation a daunting task, let alone a full-scale building project.
Eco Options started researching suitable alternatives to the (then) standard building
resources some ten years ago in response to our customers’ enquiries. Originally a skylight
and whirly-bird ventilation system installation business, our clients quickly picked up on the
energy efficient bent of the business and started asking about other possible products that
might ease their burden. We started researching innovations in the building and renovation
arena and soon began expanding our products and services.
Today, our product range includes:
Energy Saving Installations
We only stock and install skylights that are engineered to Darwin’s stringent cyclone
code. There are a number of styles available in our range, each with their own
benefits to suit individual needs.
For example, the award winning Solatube Skylight will spread light evenly throughout
your home, from dull hallways and dark linen cupboards to dreary laundries. Its
superior design combined with the world’s most reflective tubing allows these
skylights to provide up to 99.7% reflectivity, basically bringing the sun right into your
home, if that’s what you need. There are a variety of accessories that can be added
to the skylight including a vent, which uses the same inside fitting.
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Eco Options Company Profile Sample