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Eco Options Company Profile Sample
Some building projects need something a little more architectural. In this case, our
VELUX skylights offer stylish solutions to lighting all areas of your home by opening
up your room and creating changing light effects all throughout the day. These even
have the option of a solar powered blind, which is cheaper than hooking it up to
mains power. All VELUX systems come with a 10-year warranty including 3-year
warranty on accessories including electric controls. VELUX electric systems also
come with an optional rain sensor which activates when it starts raining and closes
your sky light, keeping the inside of your home dry.
E-THERM Insulation
This Aussie innovation in insulation uses recycled materials to cool your internal
spaces. E-therm provides effective thermal and acoustic insulation for homes, offices,
sheds and warehouses. It's fibre-free, safe to install and meets or exceeds all
Australian Standards. It will not absorb moisture, maintains its original structure and
uses minimal space in your roof and wall cavities.
Solar Star
Using the suns energy to cool your interiors, the Solar Star is a rooftop ventilator
that is guaranteed to pay for itself. It operates completely on natural energy from
sunlight, keeping internal spaces comfortable all year round. What’s more, it costs
nothing to run.
Solar Star provides:
Efficient operation
Stylish design
Overall effectiveness
10 year warranty on roof flashing and metal ventilation
5 year warranty on solar panels, controllers and motor
Solacoat heat reflective coating
On a typical Top End day, Solacoat heat reflective coating can reduce the heat
within your home or building by up to 20 degrees celcius. It does this by reflecting
94% of solar radiation from the roof and walls, stopping heat right at its source.
The great news for Territorians is, the hotter it gets, the harder Solacoat works.
Solacoats benefits include:
Stopping heat at its source gives up to 80% rejection of solar radiation
Reducing internal temperatures up to 20% drop inside the building
Significant savings on air cooling
Reduced greenhouse gas
Reduced thermal expansion
Easy to apply
Australian owned and manufactured to ISO, NAT and APAS standards
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