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Effective Annual Sales Meeting Agenda Template
General Effective - Meeting Agenda:
Effective Management & Sales Meetings
The key to successful sales and management meetings is careful planning and
forethought. There is nothing more boring than a badly run sales/staff meeting. One of
the ways to prevent this from happening is to have a sales/staff meeting plan that consists
1. Determine your meeting objectives
a). Meetings must be focused and have a clear purpose.
b). Don’t try to squeeze too much into the meeting.
c). Develop meeting outline .
d). Identify pre-meeting work assignments
1. Objection handling - bring five of their most common objections.
2. Prospecting – bring five ways they generate leads.
3. Product/service offering – have them prepare a
4. Opening new accounts – have them bring five key accounts they want
to break into and be prepared to develop strategies.
5. Selling value – have them bring five reasons why customers should
pay more for their products and services.
2. Prepare your agenda
a). Try to hand them out several days in advance.
b). Clearly communicate what they need to do to prepare for the meeting.
3. Determine meeting logistics
a). Who should attend.
b). Room setting – e.g. under (20) conference room, over (20) class room
c). Best time and place.
d). Should you include a guest speaker/special subject
4. Conduct the management/sales meeting
a). Start the meeting on time.
b). Set meeting objectives.
1. Post meeting agenda.
2. Tie expectation of group to meeting objectives by going around the
room, directly asking each participant what they would like covered on
this topic.
3. Post their expectations on the wall or flip chart.
4. Keep testing their understanding of the discussions
c). Make sure they are interactive – they learn better from doing versus a
d). Determine role-play, contests, or the type of sales rep presentations.
e). Run the meeting with passion and enthusiasm.
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Effective Annual Sales Meeting Agenda Template