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Emergency Preparedness Newsletter
South Central Los Angeles Regional Center for Persons with
Developmental Disabilities (SCLARC) is a private, non profit,
community based organization which contracts with the State
Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to coordinate services
for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.
SCLARC is one of 21 regional centers that serve communities
throughout California. Our mission is to ensure that individuals who
are eligible to receive services (consumers) are assisted in reaching
their potential for the highest quality of life in their community. We
provide intake, assessment, diagnosis and lifelong service
coordination. Although, we are not First Responders, SCLARC wants
to make sure you have the necessary information in case of
public officials that it is safe to
relocate or leave your dwelling.
If instructed by public officials to
evacuate your area, follow the
routes recommended by
authorities alternative routes may
be closed or unsafe.
Remember to take your portable
emergency kit with you if you are
told to evacuate.
After communicating with your
family members as planned in case
of an emergency, do not use the
telephone unless there is a life-
threatening emergency.
Check for gas and water leaks,
downed or damaged electrical
Do not attempt to use gas
appliances or re-light gas pilots
unless your gas lines have been
When an earthquake is taking
place, get under a table or desk. If
indoors, stay there. Stay away from
windows, bookcases, filing cabinets
or heavy objects that could fall. If
outdoors, stay away from downed
power lines and move to an open
away from trees, walls and
If you are driving during an
earthquake, pull your car to the
side of the road and stop. Stay in
your car until the shaking has
stopped and again, avoid fallen
power lines.
Listen to your radio or television
for updates from public officials
about the disaster and recovery
If you are instructed to shelter-in-
place, remain in your home or a
safe location until informed by
inspected by the utility company.
If it safe to go outside, check your
residence for cracks and damages.
Minimize use of your vehicle, unless
there is an emergency.
If you are told to evacuate,
communicate with other family
members on your emergency plan
team who are not with you, where
you will be seeking shelter.
During and After an
Emergency Occurs
650 W. Adams Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90007
Phone: 213-744-7000
Fax: 213-744-8848
Celebrating 40
years of service!
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Emergency Preparedness Newsletter