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Emergency Services Newsletter
Emergency Services Newsletter
Emergency Services
The Professional Practice Com-
mittee has been working on a
new initiative to increase com-
munication between team mem-
bers while improving the satis-
faction of our patients. Bedside
nurse shift report is a process
where nurses provide shift-to-
shift report at the patient’s bed-
side so the patient can be more
involved in his or her care.
What are the benefits
 Relationship building be-
tween staff members
 Increased patient satisfac-
 Patients are more involved
in their care, activities and
current status.
What does this mean for
A bulletin board will be going
up soon in the department out-
lining the process for conduct-
ing bedside report. You will
need to review the content and
sign the roster.
When does it start
On July 16th at 0700 we will
begin the first shift hand-off
report at the bedside.
Who is involved
ALL members of the team are
expected to participate during
this pilot project.
How will we do this
The team has researched sev-
eral methods and has chosen
the following:
A = Acknowledge
I = Introduce
D = Duration
E = Explanation
T= Thank You
Report, Coming Soon to a Bedside Near You….
Your safety, and that of
your patients, is a top
priority for our depart-
ment. In speaking with
your peers you will hear
of stories where patients
have gotten out of control
and become a danger,
either to themselves or
others. How can you en-
sure that you and your
patients are safe First, all
patients that are a danger
to themselves or others
must be accompanied to
the bathroom with the door open. Sec-
ond a shift safety check must be done
whenever you assume responsibility for
rooms 23/24.
Behavioral Health Shift Safety
This checklist will be located on the
door to our Behavioral Health suite. It
needs to be signed off during each shift.
For example, if you are working a 4
hour shift, you need to sign it off when
you assume care of those rooms.
What is on the list
 Weapons- O2 tanks,
glass, forks/knives.
 Trash Bags - No trash
cans in the bathroom.
 Corridor- All devices
like BP cuffs, medical
equipment, and COWS
removed from room.
 Belongings– Secured
and labeled. Patients in
paper scrubs.
Are You Safe Are Your Patients
July 2013
Special Reminders:
 BATS– should be called
only when patient is within
the 3 hour window.
Charge Sheets– must
be processed on every pa-
tient. We are missing a lot
of $$$$ If a patient dies in
the ER the charges must go
to the USEC to be proc-
Availability List –
Volunteers are needed to
sign-up on the availability
list to help the department
during surge times. Re-
member you are not obli-
gated to come in, but it
just tells us that you might
be willing.
Fridge– The fridge in the
main ER is only for patient
nourishment. Any other
items will be thrown away!
Run or Dye— Run or
Walk 5K with your ER
teammates on 9/7/2013 in
Dover, DE. Sign-up in the
ER/EMS Lunch— Join
your ER/EMS friends for
lunch at Kentmorr Restau-
rant in Stevensville, MD on
7/16 at 12:00pm. Sign-up
in the ER.
Involves individuals with unique talents
and strengths that drive towards a
shared vision and direction and are
fueled by enthusiasm and purpose.
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