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Employee Confidentiality Agreement Template
Practice Resource Institute Administrative Form
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I, _________________________________ OF _________________________________
(name) (address)
in the State of Florida, agree that my employment by [name of firm] “the firm” shall be
strictly on the following terms and conditions:
1. I acknowledge that I have been advised by the firm that all information and documents
that I may have knowledge of or access to through my employment with the firm are strictly
2. I agree at all times to treat as confidential all information acquired through my
employment with the firm, and not to disclose same except as authorized in the course of
my employment or by law. I acknowledge that such information is not to be altered, copied,
interfered with or destroyed, except upon authorization and in accordance with the policy of
the firm. I will not discuss such information with any party, nor will I participate in or
permit the release, publication or disclosure of such information, nor will I copy, photograph,
scan, email, distribute, or disseminate such information, except as authorized in the course of
my employment or by law.
I understand that this agreement includes:
(a) never discussing the personality of a client, his or her file or any details thereof
with anyone other than a member of the firm directly concerned;
(b) avoiding the use of names of clients in conversations with other clients, friends
or relatives;
(c) ensuring that disclosures of information are made only to persons entitled to that
(d) ensuring that conversations relating to clients or other firm business are not
conducted in the elevator, in the reception area, or other public areas where
conversations may be heard by other than firm personnel; and
3. I understand and acknowledge that, as an employee of the firm, I am required to honor
and be bound by the provisions of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar in matters of
confidentiality of information in the same manner as all the lawyers in the firm, even after I
have left the employment of the firm.
a) A lawyer shall hold in strict confidence all information concerning the business
and affairs of the client acquired in the course of the professional relationship,
regardless of the nature or source of the information or of the fact that others may
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Employee Confidentiality Agreement Template