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Employee Engagement Survey
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Employee Engagement Survey
5 MAGIC Keys of Employee Engagement
Based on our extensive research using over millions of employee survey responses, we have found that
there are ve keys that drive employee engagement. We use one question as a direct measure and three
supporting questions to measure each of the ve MAGIC keys. This allows organizations to determine
which of the ve keys is driving or inhibiting engagement and understand how to take action to improve.
Do employees nd meaning and purpose in their jobs Does their work make a
difference for others
Survey Item: My job provides me with a sense of meaning and purpose.
Do employees have freedom, self-governance, and an ability to make choices about
their work
Survey Item: I have the freedom to choose how to best perform my job.
Does the job provide development and growth opportunities. Does the work challenge
and stretch employees to grow and improve
Survey Item I feel challenged and stretched in my job in a way that results in
personal growth.
Do employees feel like they are successful in their work Do they see that their effort
makes a difference and contributes to the success of the organization
Survey Item: Most days, I see positive results because of my work.
Do employees have a personal connection with the people they work with, their boss,
and the social community of the workplace
Survey Item: I feel like I belong here.
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Employee Engagement Survey