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Employee Engagement Survey
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DecisionWise Leadership Intelligence
Employee Engagement Survey
Using Anchor Questions to
Measure Engagement
Measuring the engagement levels of employees is a
practice that has been rened at DecisionWise since 1996.
DecisionWise uses a set of six anchor questions to measure
the level of engagement in the workplace and additional
questions to identify the drivers that lead to engagement.
Some of these engagement anchor questions include:
It is easy to become absorbed in my job.
I would recommend Sample Company as
a great place to work.
My job is stimulating and energizing.
Employee Engagement Index
Based on responses to the anchor questions, DecisionWise creates an Engagement Index that denes
various groups of employees from Fully Disengaged to Fully Engaged. The results are further analyzed to
show what items cause employees to feel the way they do.
The Employee Engagement Index helps us understand the attitudes and characteristics of employees
in each of the groups. We’ve created a table that provides an overview of the thoughts, feelings,
and intentions of employees based on their level of engagement. Which group best describes your
organization’s workforce
Fully Disengaged Opportunity Group Key Contributor Fully Engaged
Bored and frustrated
at work.
Generally feel
Meet expectations.
Constantly learning and
taking calculated risks.
Make sarcastic jokes
about work.
Spend signicant
time taking care of
personal needs.
Stick to what you know
and take few risks.
Feel stretched beyond
your comfort zone.
Speak poorly about the
company and leaders.
Do just enough to get by
and not get in trouble.
Respond well to
Take personal satisfaction
in the quality of your work.
Look for ways to
nd blame.
Pay is a big reason why
you stay.
Rarely stretched by
Work can be stressful but
is also rewarding and fun.
You quit, stay, and corrupt. You’re putting in the time. Committed to your job. You love your job!
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Employee Engagement Survey