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Employee Evaluation Form
Employee Evaluation Form 1
Name: ___________________________________ Date: _______________________
Dept: ___________________________________ Job Title: ____________________
To take a personal inventory, to pin-point weaknesses and strengths and to outline and agree upon a practical
improvement program. Periodically conducted, these Evaluations will provide a history of development and progress.
Listed below are a number of traits, abilities and characteristics that are important for success in business. Place an “X”
mark on each rating scale, over the descriptive phrase which most nearly describes the person being rated.
Carefully evaluate each of the qualities separately.
Two common mistakes in rating are: (1) A tendency to rate nearly everyone as ”average” on every trait instead of being
more critical in judgment. The rater should use the ends of the scale as well as the middle, and (2) The “Halo Effect,”
i.e., a tendency to rate the same individual “excellent” on every trait or “poor” on every trait based on the overall picture
one has of the person being rated. However, each person has strong points and weak points and these should be
indicated on the rating scale.
QUALITY OF WORK AND ACCURACY is the correctness of work duties performed...neatness, accuracy, and orderliness
of work
_____________ ______________ _________________ _________________ ______________
Makes frequent Careless; makes Usually accurate Requires little Requires no
errors recurrent errors makes only average supervision; is exact supervision;
number of mistakes and precise most of always accurate
the time
ABILITY TO LEARN is the ability to grasp instructions, to meet changing conditions and to solve novel or problem
situations, speed in mastering routines, grasping explanations, and retaining new knowledge.
__________ ____________ ________________ ______________ ____________
Very slow to Requires more Grasps instructions Usually quick to Exceptionally
“catch on” or than average with average ability understand and keen and alert
absorb instructions learn
CREATIVITY is talent for having new ideas, for finding new and better ways of doing things and for being imaginative.
_________________ ______________ ________________ _________________ ______________
Rarely has a new Occasionally Shows imagination; Frequently suggests Continually seeks
idea; is unimaginative comes up with a has reasonable new ways of doing new and better
new ideas number of new things; is very ways of doing
ideas imaginative things, is
ATTITUDE AND COOPERATION is the sociability and warmth which an individual imparts in his/her attitude toward
clients, other employees, his/her supervisor and the persons he/she may supervise.
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Employee Evaluation Form