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Employee Letter Of Instruction Templates
Employee Letter Of Instruction Templates
Offering Letter Templates & Instructions
Offering Letter General Format/Alterations to Letters (PDF version available)
There are several offering letter templates available on the Provost Webpage. These
are subdivided into two categories, for Faculty and Administrators. The templates
provided have the minimum language required for specific categories of employment.
Additional information may need to be inserted, but the core should not be altered. An
offering letter serves as the legally binding contract between the future employee and
the University, thus its contents must be correct and precise. Temporary appointments
require a letter each appointment period.
Occasionally after an initial offer is made, it needs to be superceded by a letter with
updated conditions of employment. In this case, the second superceding letter should
have a sentence added, โ€œThis letter supercedes the previous offer dated mm/dd/yy.โ€
Mailing the Offering Letter & Notifcation of Acceptance
1. When the department has received notice that the Employment Offer Approval
form has been approved, preparing the offering letter is the next step.
2. Questions regarding the appropriate templates or special alterations should be
directed to the Academic Personnel office at 298-2216.
3. A draft letter should be prepared by the department and submitted electronically
to Academic Personnel for approval. After the department has received
notification of approval, the dated letter should be printed on university
letterhead, signed by the appropriate authority, and submitted to the Provost's
Office for mailing. The prospective employee is asked to sign and return the
letter to the Provost's Office within two weeks.
4. The department will be notified when the letter is mailed to the prospective
employee, as well as when it has been received.
Available Templates
The following types of appointments have corresponding offering letter templates on
the Provost website. If you are unsure of which letter to use, please contact the
Academic Personnel Office at 309/298-2216 to determine which letter suits the
category of appointment you are offering to a prospective employee. (See also
Notation/Terminology in the Offering Letter)
Faculty Offering Letters
๎‚ƒ Tenure Track Faculty: Use this letter for faculty meeting the criteria for a
Tenure Track appointment. These employees are covered by the bargaining
unit agreement as Unit A faculty.
๎‚ƒ ABD Offering Letter: Use this letter for first year faculty who are in an ABD
situation, that is, they have all but their doctorate degree. The conditions in this
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Employee Letter Of Instruction Templates